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2019 Riverton Fishing Derby Results

Thanks to All who Celebrated the 70th Annual Riverton Fishing Derby!

Saturday, April 13th, 2019

6 AM to 10 AM in Riverton, CT

This year’s Riverton Fishing Derby celebrated the 70th Annual Fishing Derby, held on Saturday, April 13th on the West branch of the Farmington River (Sponsored by the Barkhamsted Historical Society )– beginning with the traditional hearty pancake breakfast at 4 a.m. at the Riverton Fire Department and then punctuated by the Riverton Fishing Derby at 6:00 AM. and then awarded a bevy of outstanding prizes when the derby ended at 10:00 AM.

This historic fishing derby has been running since 1949 with generations of families enjoying this tradition year after year. To be able to sustain this derby into the future the ability to engage our young fisherman and fisherwomen is key. With that, the town of Riverton with help from The Trophy Trout Club took a special interest in improving the kid’s derby sections as well as the derby as a whole. Special thanks to Tony Fillie, for coordinating the donations & organizing the kid’s derby logistics!

Last year a second section of the river was secured for kids only. The addition of the area owned and generously donated by Gil Dube now allowed for kids ten and under to enjoy the derby in a safer location. The ten and under section was held at Zak’s Pool just upstream from the Town Bridge. This is in addition to the 16 and under section just under the Town Bridge. The Trophy Trout Club had members at the 10 and under section helping the families that attend. This year The Riverton General Store donated bait for the 10 and under section to assist the kids attending in catching those wily trout. Also, new this year there was a special 10 and under awards ceremony held at 9:00 AM on the river at Zak’s Pool.

Having two secure areas as “kids only” is the first step in setting up a fishing derby that both children and adults can enjoy. The second step is to enhance the ability of everyone attending to actually catch some amazing trout. With that goal in mind, The Trophy Trout Club wanted to thank the sponsors including CT. Horse Cremation, Supreme Industries, Inc., The Farmington River Anglers Association FRAA, HK Dairy Barn, friends of the fishing derby, and a number of other valued sponsors. Thanks to these generous companies and individuals to again raise enough funds to match last year when we stocked the most trout that has ever been stocked for the derby to date.

On behalf of the Town of Riverton, the Barkhamsted Historical Society, and the Trophy Trout Club thanks all the families and individuals that came out to enjoy a fabulous day outdoors celebrating one of Connecticut’s greatest fishing traditions.

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