Tavern located in the Old Riverton Inn

Royal Coachman Tavern

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Royal Coachman Tavern


The Royal Coachman Tavern at the Old Riverton Inn

The Royal Coachman Tavern is a new tavern in a building that has a history dating back to 1796. The Tavern is named after the Royal Coachman fly. Fly fisherman have frequented this establishment for over 220 years after climbing the banks of the Farmington River.

We offer an exciting selection of the region’s best beers along with a full wine and mixed drink menu. Come hungry because we offer delicious food made fresh by our culinary team. Whether you want to keep it healthy or dive-in head first, we’ve got you covered!

We look forward to serving you as we revive this famous property in Riverton, CT.

The Royal Coachman is an artificial fly that has been tied as a wet fly, dry fly and streamer pattern. Today, the Royal Coachman and its variations are tied mostly as dry flies and fished floating on the water surface. It is a popular and widely used pattern for freshwater game fish, particularly trout and grayling. Large streamer versions are also used for winter steelhead and Atlantic salmon.

The Wing Addicts

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