Fishing on the Farmington

Wild & Scenic Farmington River

The Farmington River is ideal for trout fishing due to the clean, cold water released from the bottom of the Goodwin Dam located above Riverton. View access maps, trout management area, DEEP stocking locations, and more.

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DEEP manages the upper Farmington River as a Trout Management area. This section is known as a "Trophy Trout Stream".


Trout have been at the forefront of fisheries management in Connecticut for more than a century and are one of the most sought after fish species by anglers, who spend approximately 2.1 million fishing trips a year seeking them.  

Connecticut's TMAs have special regulations in place to provide extended year-round opportunity to catch trout. Please consult the Fishing Guide for the specific regulations for the TMA you plan to fish. TMAs generally have good stream access, attract more angler days, and sustain higher catch rates throughout the year. All TMAs are managed to provide year-round fishing, but some are designated as year-round catch and release fishing while others allow harvest from the second Saturday in April until August 31 (catch and release September 1 until second Saturday of April). The major benefits of the TMAs network include the year-round fishing opportunity and high catch rates (as each stocked fish can be caught more than once).


In addition to a fishing license, a trout and salmon stamp is required to fish within a Trout Management Area (TMA).

The West Branch of the Farmington River in Barkhamsted and New Hartford requires a trout and salmon stamp.

The Trout and Salmon Stamp is a $5.00 stamp ($3.00 for CT residents age 16-17) that expires at the end of each calendar year. The stamp is required for anyone 16 or older who:

Harvests trout, kokanee, or Atlantic salmon from any water AND/OR FISHES IN ONE OF THE FOUR following trout and salmon waters:

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Learn more about Trout Management Areas in CT.

Fishing Tips for Trout Management Areas


The DEEP stocks the Farmington River in three Trout Management Areas starting from the upper section of the river in Hartland to Barkhamsted, the West Branch from Barkhamsted to New Hartford, and the lower section from New Hartford to Canton.

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The recommended water flow levels per cubic feet per second are:

Fishing - Optimum 150-350 cfs (minimum 100 cfs)

Scenic Enjoyment - Optimimum 240-540 cfs

Tubing - Optimum - 350-450 cfs (minimum 200 cfs)

Downriver Canoeing - Optimum - 360-980 cfs (minimum 250 cfs)

Kayak Play Boating - Optimum - 540-980 cfs (minimum 250 cfs)